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FRP grating selection and precautions

FRP grating selection and precautions

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As a new type of environmentally friendly material, FRP grating is used more and more by major companies. How to choose the right model and attention point?
If the place to be laid is a car wash factory, the type of oil in the workshop can be selected in the middle of the oil stain or in the slippery area. The frosted or the FRP grille with non-slip particles can be selected. The laying process must be tightly laid. The joint can be filled with resin silica gel. Prevent dirt and other residues.
If the paving place is a park or a scenic spot, you can choose a gray or black grille that is beautiful and dirt-resistant. Choose a grille with a small aperture to prevent debris from falling in. When laying, it is important to pay attention to leaving a certain gap interval to make the FRP grid. The grid is evenly stressed.
The laying place is the location of the bridge deck or the road. Generally, the FRP grating with larger area is selected. The material selection is to choose the wear-resistant and heavy-resistant FRP grating with metal material added. Do not fully consider the thermal expansion and contraction during the laying process. The impact of environmental factors.