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Why does the car wash room use a special grid for the car wash room?

Why does the car wash room use a special grid for the car wash room?

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The most common color of the floor grille of the car wash room: gray, yellow, black, blue, green, red and other colors to make the scene and the entity truly integrated
Characteristics of the floor grille of the car wash room:
1, resistant to a variety of chemical media corrosion, never rust, long life cycle, free of maintenance
The grid of the car wash room will not rust and rust under the action of chemical medium, so the structure of the material will not be damaged. It is not necessary to carry out regular or irregular inspection and maintenance, and will not cause the factory to stop production.
2. Flame retardant
The specially designed formula of the floor grille of the car wash room can meet the fireproof requirements of the project, thus ensuring safety. The product has good flame retardant and fireproof performance.
3, insulation, flame-retardant, non-magnetic
The floor grille of the car wash room has a slight elasticity, which can reduce the fatigue of the person, enhance the comfort and improve the work efficiency.
4, the car wash room uses a uniform color inside and outside the grid, and the color can be arbitrarily selected. Can customize colors according to customer requirements and improve the environment of production sites
5. The grille for the car wash room can be designed to be strong, the size is flexible and diverse, and the size is stable.
Car wash room floor grille standard specifications 1.22x2.441.22*3.661x3.011x4.04 meters Additional specifications can be customized. Thickness: 25mm30mm38mm, 50mm.
Car wash shop parking space size
Car wash shop grille construction; parking space size: 2 meters 44 width 3 meters 66 length, 2 meters 44 width 4 meters 88 length (common), 2 meters 44 width 5 meters 49 length, 3 meters 66 width 4 meters 88 length (common) 3 meters 66 wide 5 meters 49 long, 3 meters 66 wide 6 meters long. Spacing size: The car wash yard generally uses 38 grilles, and the digging station first drains. Support can be built with cement walls or two or four brick walls with a spacing of 30 cm. If the spacing is too large, please use 50 grille.