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FRP grating use site and range

FRP grating use site and range

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FRP gratings are divided into breeding grilles, car wash grilles, trenches and platform grilles, and greening tree tweezers. The scope of use is also very wide, and there are farms in power plants, sewage treatment plants, and drainage ditch.
So where does it go? Below Hebei promises to tell you.
Application of FRP grating (FRP grating):
Water treatment: overhaul walkway, gutter cover, large container, washer, trash rack, flow tank, biochemical water treatment tank hanger, ventilation window, stairs, cooling tower console
Chemical plant: stair raft, operating platform, guardrail, double floor, trench cover, grating
Petroleum industry: offshore oil platform
Textile mill: instead of metal grille, wooden platform and covering cement floor, bleaching and dyeing tank, floor, near the valve, etc.
Power plant: chemical water workshop trench cover, wastewater pool, etc.
Metal surface treatment: pickling solution, replacement of wooden floors around machines, around highly corrosive containers, plating line walkways, double decking
Marine food processing plant: harsh environment such as slippery surface, on board
Transportation: platforms, ship decks, walkways, military minesweepers, stair rafts
Beverage industry: stair rafts, alternative expensive stainless steel, loaded floor
Pulp and processing plants: Stairs and slabs, floor walkways, places with high humidity
Electronics industry: trench cover, pickling workshop, anti-static (anti-static grille) and high cleanliness workshop
Meat processing plants: corrosive floors, stairs, slippery floor work benches and stair rafts
Car wash room / car beauty shop: car wash room drainage board, parking space, car wash floor trench cover
Crane: on the aisle of a 3m or 6m long crane
Others: corrosion-resistant shelves, decorations, square fountains, scaffolding, civil building facilities, aquaculture fences and double-floors.
Operating platform: Many chemical plants have a large number of operating platforms, using FRP grating as the operating platform for paving materials, corrosion-resistant, no paint, no maintenance, long service life, can be used for fifteen to twenty years. Light weight, compared with steel, three-quarters of weight reduction, so no lifting equipment is required for installation, which is more suitable as an operating platform supported on the equipment. The opening of the FRP grating is very convenient. The arc cutting saw can be used to easily open the hole to meet the requirements of the installation equipment, and the mechanical properties of the grid will not be changed due to the opening. The scattering of the grid. For mobile operating platforms, the use of lightweight FRP gratings is even more suitable. In addition, the proper design makes the FRP grating have the right amount of elasticity to reduce the fatigue of the workers on the long-term and improve the work efficiency, so it is an ideal material for the platform.
Walkways: factories (such as chemical plants, steel plants, etc.) often have many walkways, some are the passage between equipment and equipment, and some are used for inspection. These walkways are generally welded with round steel, which is often damaged every year due to corrosion. Make an anti-corrosion coating. The use of FRP grille to make these walkways, without maintenance, can make the walkway long-lasting color, and make the aisle structure light, plus the anti-slip sanding surface, is the best choice for the outdoor walkway in the northern ice season.