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Multi-functional splicing grille features

Multi-functional splicing grille features

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Scopeofapplication:Therearealwayssomesafetyhazardsintheoilyorwaterygroundsuchaskitchen,bathroom,swimmingpool,bathinggymclubandcarwashroom.Becausethewaterisnoteasytodischarge,itwillbreedbacteria. Thesl
Scope of application: There are always some safety hazards in the oily or watery ground such as kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, bathing gym club and car wash room. Because the water is not easy to discharge, it will breed bacteria.
The slippery floor is easy to slip, causing labor disputes. In response to this demand, a safe anti-slip antibacterial polymer plastic mosaic grille (commonly known as non-slip drainage 篦 400mm * 400mm specifications,
Colorful, available in 7 colors: red, yellow, green, blue, black, gray white
Splicing grille product features
a good decorative effect
1. The single splicing grid has a regular three-dimensional diamond geometric pattern, and the splicing grid has a strong three-dimensional effect and is highly expressive;
2, rich in color, there are a variety of colors to choose from;
3, each color mosaic grille can be arbitrarily spliced ​​and combined, with very good designability;
4, three-dimensional geometric structure, seven-color floor mosaic grille, according to the strength of the light to produce a different look and feel.
Second, strong carrying capacity
1. Using polymer plastic materials, it has small ductility and good wear resistance;
2. The splicing grid structure has good pressure transmission capability, the car wash room splicing grille, more support points and strong carrying capacity. , carrying capacity is strong.
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