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WELCOME TO BSFRPBluesky Composites Co., one of the leading manufacturers of FRP( fiberglass reinforced plastic ) products inChina.We are specialized in manufactruing FRP molded gratings, FRP pultruded profiles, FRP hand lay-up products and SMC products.

After years of long-term efforts and research,we can skillfully produce a wide rang of FRP products,such as molded gratings, pultruded gratings,FRP stari treads,drainage covers, safty ladders,handrail systems and various kind of FRP profiles, like ibeams, channerls,angles, angles,tubes,rods. They are widely used in chemical plant, construction project, petrochemi-cal priject, minig engineering,water treatment plant, food and beverage plant, building decoration and etc.



Our company has a group of advanced degree engineers who have com-bined experience inFRPmanufacturing for over 30years. As a witnessto our commitment to the quality ,we were certified by ISO9001:2008 Standard system and ASTM-84 fire retardant test.

Bluesky team is striving to provode the best quality products the most com-petitive price and value added service to customers all over the world.